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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Web Hosting?
To help you understand web hosting, we have developed a simple analogy. But first, some definitions:

  • Web Site - a group of files and programs that reside on a very robust computer connected to the Internet.
  • Web Server - a computer that stores the files and programs that make up the site, and then allows visitors to access and read those files.
  • Web Host - an interconnected group of web servers containing web site data, that other computers can access through the Internet. Web hosts also provide technical resources and web site maintenance.

Now, think of a web host as a landlord. A landlord builds and maintains the structure, then rents storefronts to various businesses that otherwise cannot afford their own buildings. Each business decorates and operates their store differently and leaves building maintenance to the landlord. Likewise, a web host rents space on a web server to various businesses. Each business builds its own web site while the web host maintains the network of web servers

2. What are the advantages of Web Hosting?
You don't have to invest tens of millions of dollars, or endure technical headaches, in order to build and maintain your hosting infrastructure. We monitor the network. Basic IT rule, keep your data off-site in a strategic location.  We protect your data. You focus on your business and enjoy the fun!

3. What should I consider when choosing a package?
There are four basic items you should think about when selecting the right web hosting package:

  • How large will your web site be? Estimate the number of pages your web site will have and their content. How many images, music files, video files or other content do you plan to add? The more pages and files, the more disk space you will require.
  • How busy will your web site be? Estimate the number of customers who will visit your site on a busy day. The more people on your web site, the more data transfer bandwidth you will require.
  • How many email accounts will you need? You will probably want a separate email for each employee and a few addresses for things like or
  • How important will your web site be to your business? Is it so critical that without a web site your business will fold, or is it more of a competitive advantage that increases your visibility in the market? The more people who use the site and the more it affects their decisions and actions, the more important a web site is to your business.

4. Do I need to pick my domain name when I sign up for Web Hosting?
Yes. Your web address and email accounts will be based on the domain name you select. For this reason you'll need to choose a new domain [Search] -- or indicate that you'd like to use one you already own - when you create your Web Hosting account.

5. Which name and top level domain should I choose?
In general, choose a name and a top level domain (, .biz, .com, etc.) that is easy for your employees and customers to remember and makes sense with your business. It can be your company's name, key words describing your business or even a short phrase.

6. How do I move my existing web site over!?
Remember to have a copy of all your web site files, including images, sound and video clips and other files, on your personal computer. After you purchase a Web Hosting package, simply use an FTP program to transfer all your files to your new web site. Your domain will switch within 12 hours, after you assign a new hostname and will continue to propagate around the world for 72 hours. The switch will take place subtly, that at times you will not even notice it. We also provide you with a 850/US$1500 powerful control panel to manage all functions of your servers.  Preview the [demo].

7. Does your Web Hosting support ASP, scripting, and databases?
All hosting packages support PHP and MySQL so you can build data-driven web sites and Perl so you can build advanced web applications. It does not include ASP support. You will be pleased with the list of ready made applications we have. Preview the list of popular [Free Applications]

8. What happens when I upgrade -- do I have to pay the setup fee?
No. You pay no setup fee.  You can add more domains or databases to your server cPanel.

9. Can I publish web pages with FrontPage 2002?
Yes. our Web Hosting includes support for Microsoft FrontPage 2002. You can create author accounts and grant access to specific subdirectories, so colleagues or others can publish pages to your web site without logging in to your account or requiring your assistance. FrontPage 2002 adds convenience, speed, and security to web site creation and maintenance

10. Can I have SSL and a dedicated IP?
Yes, you can obtain a dedicated IP for 52 a year and that includes a SSL certificate assigned to you.

11. What is CpanelX?
Cpanel is our new best-of-breed utility that allows you to manage all your websites with a few mouse clicks.  You will love it!

12. When will my server/service be ready?
Our turn around time is within 5 minutes or less after your complete order has been placed, verified and if a unique username is selected. Domains usually takes 12 hours to be active after you update your dnsname. You will be issued a temporary ip for uploading files.

13. What do you mean by free upgrades and patches? Do you do these automatically?
We will automatically install any upgrades and patches to your Operating System.

14. Do you have 24/7/365 support?
Yes, we have Network Operation Center personnel onsite 24/7/365 for reboots and assistance with your servers. To truly achieve 99.9% uptime, we introduced iWatch that monitors the server, traffic and databases every 5 minutes and intelligently take corrective actions as well as alerts a duty officer.

15. What is the preferred method of support?
We are always wanting to help. Our online private MEMBER CENTER portal is the best method of support. It is designed to authenticate verified users, define privileges and route your message correctly to subject experts. All customers can create HelpDesk tickets, DNS requests, add/remove/modify email, contact account managers, requests quotes, etc. You will be provided with your regional MEMBER CENTER when your account is activated, it is not visible on this site to enhance security. Please refer to your order receipt for your local Member Center. cPanel Solution Centers are dedicated to manage all CpanelX servers and Hosting Super Center handles all other services.

16. What is the charge for going over the allotted bandwidth?
We treat our clients with respect. No charge immediately, but you are responsible to upgrade your bandwidth / packages within 4 days to avoid a penalty. You will be informed by email when your bandwidth is within the limits if you specify your email within your Control Panel.

17. When will I be billed?
Your billing cycle is unique to you. You will be billed each cycle on your day you open the account.  All foreign currencies are accepted.

18. Do you allow Adult Content on your servers?
Yes, legal adult content is allowed on our servers

19. Do I have root access to my server? Can I install my software after the server is online?
Depends.. you will not have root access to your server unless it is a dedicated server.

Raw Performance Equals Low Latency/High Throughput
Too often providers operate their networks at three to four times responsible capacity. As a result, their corresponding transfer times reach over 300ms. Our network daily average is 27% of its capacity, with midday peak spikes reaching only 33% capacity. You will be carried off our network in less than 80ms over a five minute average at any time of day or night.
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